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Bajaj Allianz Insurance through TLC

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance ....
INTRODUCTIONBajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture betweentwo leading conglomerates Bajaj Auto Limited and Allianz AG company.Whose total asset value is of Rs.59,00,000 Cr.Bajaj whose wealth as of now is Rs.8000 Cr. Group in India. 55 Years of experience. 4th Largest group in the world. Above 15,000 employees. Largest 2 & 3 wheeler manufacturer in India.Allianz established in 1890, who has 115 years of experience in financial sector. Allianz whose wealth as of now is Rs.58,92,000 Cr. Asset. Worldwide No.1 by gross written premium.A household company in German.COMPANY VISION AND MISSION India has 102 Cr. population. But only 16 Cr. people are insured till now.Still 86 Cr. people are yet to get insured. Also in broader perspective, company wants to make every person get benefited through investing in Bajaj-Allianz Life Insurance.This is how the money's inflation rate is getting increased. Having the above thoughts in mind, Bajaj-Allianz started this joint-venture to make people benefited using their Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP). Company's Vision is as follows. To be the first choice insurer for Customers To be the preferred employer for staff in the insurance industry To be the number one insurer for creating shareholder value.

TLC Insurance India Pvt. Ltd.
Team Life Care Insurance India Pvt. Ltd is a partner company of Bajaj Allianz. Company is acting as a mediator between Bajaj Allianz and Agents of Bajaj Allianz.
1)TLC is the No One Channel Partner of Bajaj Allianz among :
a. Standard Chartered Bank.
b. Syndicate Bank
c. Placement Sales and Services Ltd.
d. GE Money
2) TLC is the First ISO Certified Pvt Company which is now promoted as PRIORITY Partner.
3) TLC has settled more than 1000 of families through its tremendous business plans and strategies.
4) TLC is registered under Companies Act 1956.
5) MOTO of TLC is to provide
a. Savings
b. Security
c. Additional Income
d. Jobe. Money to Govt

1) Invest yearly premium for Rs.5000/halfyr,Rs.10,000/yr, Rs.12,000/ taking Demand draft in favor of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd payable at Bangalore .
2) Invest Rs.500 for first year only along with first premium amount by taking Demand draft in favor of TLC Insurance India Pvt. Ltd payable at Bangalore or Salem.
3) Maximum Premium - No Limit
4) Minimum Payable - 3 Years
5) Age of Entry - 0 to 50 Years
6) Coverage - Up to 70 Years (Minimum fund value to be maintained above 150% of Annual premium)
7) Funds Available (Liquid Fund, Bond Fund, Equity Growth Fund, Equity Index Fund II, Accelerated Mid Cap Fund)

1) Life Insurance for your life time
2) Growth of returns based on your inflation rate
3) Tax Savings under IT Section(80C or 80D or 10(10)D)

Gateway to TLC Co-ordinator:
Take Policy of Rs.5000/- for half-yearly premium Along with Rs.500/- towards Business Sales Kit, E-commerce, Handling charges. DD favouring M/s TLC Insurance (India) Pvt. Ltd., payable at Salem or Bangalore.

Who is a TLC Co-ordinator:
A TLC co-ordinator is responsible for sourcing and generating leads for and on behalf of TLC, thus getting entitled for incentives and start earning!(example for Rs.5000/- premium policy)
I. Referral Incentive:
1st Premium Sponsor a pair and Tail and get Rs.600 for each pair Maximum payout is Rs.50,000/- for 15 days.
II. Marshal Incentive -I: 2nd Premium for renewal of every pair you get Rs.250 for each pair Maximum payout is Rs.25,000/- for 15 days.
III. Marshal Incentive -II: 3rd Premium for renewal of every pair you get Rs.250 for each pair Maximum payout is Rs.25,000/- for 15 days.
IV. Life Incentive: 4th Premium onwards for renewal of every pair you get Rs.100 for each pair Maximum payout is Rs.12,500/- for 15 days.

Ratio = 1 : 1 (One pair means two policies).
Payment in every 15 days covering the period from 1-15 and 16 to 31.

Those who wants to fulfill their dream are most welcome to achieve their GOAL by putting their dedicated hard work as a team together. You can send mai on below mentioned mail id.


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